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Job Listing Detail

Property Manager

Job Reference
Property & Asset Management
Employment Type
HR Contact
Role Objectives
This position plays the most important role in the success of the Building. Hence, her/his responsibilities are various in all aspects of an Grade A Office Building based on International Management Standards.

I. Summary of Position including Accountabilities & Key Objectives
The Asset Manager / Property Manager is responsible for the general management of the Office Building
satisfying the various stakeholders to assist in delivering the optimum investment return.

The Property Manager is responsible for:
  • Managing the Asset Infrastructure
  • Building Presentation
  • Maximising and Securing Income
  • Delivering Rent to Owners
  • Promoting the Asset to the Market
  • Maintaining Stakeholder Relationships
  • Managing Financials of the Asset
  • Managing People
  • The Optimisation of rent
  • Securing Income
II. Job Details including Responsibilities
New Contract Management
  • Identification of contractors
  • Tendering review and final contract
  • Input into review with person in charge of the Owner Building
Ongoing Contractor Management
  • Measurement of contractor performance
  • Input into review meetings person in charge of the Owner Building
Operation Expenses Management/Forecasting
  • Business Plan preparation, presentation and review including OPEX budget setting, in line with The Building needs and investment strategy
  • Establishing rate $/sqm for opex to be charged to major and specialty tenants
  • Forecasts of opex against budget
Capital Expenditures and Sinking Fund
  • CAPEX management, forecasting and implementation
Risk Management
  • Inspections (informal and consultant)
  • Preventative maintenance
  • OHS and E meetings
  • Emergency and Evac training/procedures

(The Asset Manager / Property Manager is the decision maker for Emergency evacuation)

Building Co-ordination
  • Provision of customer service to all stakeholders (for examples: tenants, customers, contractors)
Lease obligations
  • Enforcement of lease obligations, eg lease lines
Visual Presentation
  • Responsible for visual presentation of the Building
Casual Leasing
  • Advisor to the Owner on Reporting and budget setting
  • Input into usage, site identification, set up quality, and rental charges
  • Decision-maker for other income (eg storage etc)
Rental Collection
  • Repayment plan management
  • Tenant meetings relating to issues of outstanding debt and critical tenancy management
  • Issue of letter of demand/Legal process
  • Debt collection
  • Input into Majors and National Chains rental issues including letter of demand/legal processes
  • Responsible for rent roll sign off (electronic)
Strategic Marketing
  • Input into the Building marketing plan
  • Identifying the Building’s position in the market
  • Identifying key strengths and weaknesses in market
  • Competitor analysis and review
  • 2 year Building sales forecast
  • Input to promotional/media decisions
Internal Building
  • Standard reporting eg Monthly and standard management reports surrounding key performance
  • indicators (including the input of others to complete this)
  • Meetings with key stakeholders and team members on as needs basis
  • Establishment and maintenance of relationships with Building tenants throughout the implementation of a communication strategy and program.
  • Completion of site tours
  • Due diligence and other special requests
  • Carrying out P.C.G’s, Meetings (Executive Reviews) and presentations
  • Input into Master Planning
  • Establishing Owners Business Plan for The Building which is acceptable to key stakeholders (The Building and Retailers) with input from all regional disciplines
  • Arrangement of Authority meetings (local, state and federal where applicable)
  • Organisation of economic development/business and lobby group functions
  • Addressing customer meetings and local community requirements
Asset Plans
  • Input into Building views eg Sales, Base rent, OPEX forecast, growth rates. Occupancy cost etc
  • Detailed analysis of 2 year cash flows, ie revenue, expenses and fee calculations
  • Provide input to asset modelling assumptions (eg growth rates, provision % for abatements, vacancies, etc)
  • Input into Building Reviews
  • Document Preparation and presentation
Financial Reporting
  • Completion of The Building management suite of reports (eg The Building debt, The Building legal, monthly report)
  • Input into leasing, abatement forecasts
  • Forecast of revenue, expenses and management fee calculations etc
  • The Building budget setting and forecast updates
Personnel Development/Review
  • Responsible for performance appraisals
  • Training courses
  • Coaching
  • Ongoing Performance Management (Informal)
  • Input into gaining approvals in each deal when not within limits of authority
  • Input into gaining approvals on each vacant shop leased when not within limits of authority
  • Management of pre opening process
  • Analysis of suitability for retail plan
Asset Planning
  • Input into budgeting / forecasting base rent, vacancy, abatement, contingency provisions
  • Stretch targets for base rents, abatements and vacancy provisions

Critical Tenants/Abatements

  • Input into abatements approvals / sign off
  • Arrangement of negotiation/tenancy meetings
  • Critical tenancy analysis
  • Responsible for critical tenants for abatement approval recommendation
Retail Plan
  • Input into the The Building retail plan and the strategy for achieving optimal plan and minimal risk
Assignment – Issue / Letters
  • Accountable for approving assignment of leases
  • Responsible for all preliminary documentation relating to assignments and sending details to Lease Admin for legal processing
Other details tasks:

1. Ensure that the projects are managed and conducted in a proper and business like manner.

2. Ensure all vacant parts of the projects are promoted as being available for lease to responsible and respectable tenants at the best commercial rents.

3. Re-negotiate with existing tenants for the exercise of options in, and renewal of, leases and to conduct rent renew negotiation.

4. To hire, train all necessary staff and ensure the properties are satisfactorily maintained and cleaned.

5. Interact and effectively communicate with all Department Heads, colleagues, and other business associates.

6. Implement policies and procedures that approved

7. Assist and support the Assistant Property Manager in their responsibilities.

8. Ensures all service requests/ needs from tenants, employees and management are attended and responded in a timely manner.

9. Plan, implement and administer the property management program.

10. Conduct weekly operations meeting and submit of meeting minute to General Director for follow-up and actions where necessary.

11. Prepare and submit yearly Profit and loss budget.

12. Conduct weekly/ monthly inspection of the projects to ensure that they compliance with the relevant fire and safety laws.

13. To represent the owner in all matters and dealing with the authority or any other person whomsoever in any way touching and concerning the general management.

14. Deal with suppliers and ensure that services/ products are performed in a professional and timely manner.

15. Implement and up-dates new procedure when needed.

16. Ensure that all monthly/ quarterly/ yearly financial and management reports are prepared and submitted on time.

17. Ensure that all tenants observe and perform their obligations as stated in the leases.

18. Ensure that proper supervision of maintenance of all common services including the airconditioning system, fire equipment, swimming pool, electricity generators, security system and all other common services relating to the all projects.

19. Ensure that at all times all electrical and pluming or other equipment in the properties (including all lifts, air-conditioning, fire alarm and sprinkler systems) are functioning effectively.

20. Ensure that proper inventory of all hand over possession of the premises to all tenants and prepared a list of all fixture and fittings located on the premises before handing over the possession of the premises to the all tenants.

21. Ensure at all times the proper performances by external contractors for all maintenance contracts with regards to equipment installation, services and repairs in the premises.

22. To record and attend to all tenants’ complaints, promptly and efficiently.

23. To maintain record of insurances and attend to claims.

24. To prepare and submit a monthly financial statements and a written report of each quarter which will include

    • A cash flow summary
    • Profit and loss summary
    • Leasing report
25. Ensure that the terms and conditions of the lease are in force from time to time, to charge to each tenant the correct proportion of any charges, outgoings or due debts and keep proper records of those charges, which record are to be opened for inspection by the owner.
26. To prepare and submit to the owner yearly report, a proposed budget of income and expenditure for the following calendar year, that budget to include:
    • - A break down of income
    • - Expenditure
    • - Profit and loss summary for the 12 months period.
27. Perform any other reasonable duties that are assigned by Owner.

III. Key Performance Indicators
  • Achieve to budget controllable inputs to Owners budgets / business plans and The Building profit
Client / Market:
  • Production and successful implementation of stakeholders communication plan
Quality / Risk:
  • Systems in place to manage business risks including OHS&E, Community, Debt, etc.
Learning & Growth:
Implementation of people development plan for self and team

IV. Person Specification
Financial Management Budgets
  • Able to prepare / report on / manage budgets for both Owners and Tenants
  • Able to analyse inter-relationships of all financial issues to ensure maximum returns for the owners
People leadership / management
  • Managing and developing the skills and aspirations of people to meet the needs of the business
  • Coaching, communication skills
  • Leadership, direction setting skills
  • Media skills
  • Negotiation
  • Presentation
  • Conflict resolution

Infrastructure knowledge

  • Broad knowledge of contracts
  • Broad knowledge of asset infrastructure requirements
Commercial and Office knowledge
  • Profit margins
  • Occupancy costs
  • Average expenses
  • Financing etc
Marketing knowledge
  • Demographics
  • Sales performance
  • Market share
  • Competitors
  • Customer needs
  • Commercial lease legislation in relevant state
  • The Building majors and specialty leases
  • Property Management Contract
Confidentiality Statement
​During the course of the employment this position may become aware of confidential information in relation to the company, its clients or customers. It is a condition of this offer and your employment that this information be kept confidential by you both during and after your employment with the company.

Required Qualifications