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News Release

Ho Chi Minh City

The changing face of property and asset management in Vietnam's dynamic real estate market

Dexter Norville - National Director for JLL in Thailand commented on the similarities of the current Vietnamese commercial real estate sector to that of Thailand's previous.

​Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) recently held a well attended seminar at Le Meridien Saigon hotel to explain how the role of a property and asset manager is a key part of any successful and modern commercial or residential real estate project.

Titled the Future of Property Management in Vietnam the seminar and presentation outlined what is essential to be able to deliver modern management services and strategies to landlords and developers alike. Highlights included the advanced IT platform the firm has available for clients which will help in strategic planning, finance reporting, maintenance and energy sustainability.


In attendance were some of the countries leading developers and respected international developers all keen to learn how to integrate these new technologies and strategies into their new and existing developments.

Speaking at the event was Dexter Norville a National Director for JLL who helps run the firms award winning Property and Asset Management department in Thailand. He commented on the similarities of the current Vietnamese commercial real estate sector to that of Thailand's previously and that buildings will modernize and become higher spec in the coming years. "As buildings become more sophisticated and modern the need for the property management providers to be able to deliver higher levels of management supported by the necessary IT systems will be essential to the success of a project".

Jones Lang LaSalle are the largest providers of property and asset management services across Asia Pacific with a current portfolio of over 1.4 billion sqf of properties entrusted to them by their numerous clients. Stephen Wyatt Country Head of JLL Vietnam pointed out the importance of the real estate sector in Vietnam and that tenants entering or currently in the market and looking to expand will expect landlords to improve property management standards to be in line with neighboring markets such as Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong.

To help landlords be able to do this Jones Lang LaSalle will implement the integrated strategies and systems they have specifically built for commercial real estate into the properties which they will manage. "The values add is we have these systems now and are ready to introduce them into the market here" Mr. Wyatt added.​

JLL also explained their rigorous auditing system they use which helps benchmark operating standards and pinpoints where management can be improved. They also have online and class room schooling for their staff called the PAM Academy where their employees can learn and keep ahead of their peers by learning new management techniques and processes.

With an ever changing modernizing real estate market in Vietnam the need for more up to date sophisticated and skillful property management services does appear to be apparent.

Please click here ​to download the presentation