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Vietnam Property Market Brief Q4-2014

​Vietnam’s economic growth accelerates in 2014: Vietnam achieved GDP growth of 5.98% in 2014 which was a positive sign compared to 5.25% in 2012 and 5.42% in 2013. In the national economic picture, the agro-forestry and fisheries sectors rose 3.49%, a small contribution of 0.61 percentage points to GDP growth; the construction and industry sectors rose 7.14%, contributing 2.75 percentage points; and the services sector rose 5.96%, contributing 2.62 percentage points. The Index of Industrial Production (IIP) also saw improvement, with estimated growth of 9.6% seen in December 2014 from a year ago. The IIP for 2014 increased 7.6% compared to 2013 with a strong uptrend in the final months of the year (4Q14 up 10.1%, 3Q14 up 7.8%, 2Q14 up 6.9% and 1Q14 up 5.3%).

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