Nguyet Thu Le

Trekking is my after-work best friend. The hobby taught me how to become calm, strong and most importantly, independent. And JLL gave me a team that taught me how to be dependent.

Prior to joining JLL as a Facility Manager, Thu has worked in many roles for multiple real estate developers. After an extended period of working on repeated tasks, she decided to move on, with JLL Vietnam as her next destination. “New job always come with new challenges, but I believe ‘fire proves gold, adversity proves character.’ ” – Thu shares.

Thu describes her career at JLL in 3 words: Youthfulness, Responsibility and Affiliation. The company shows her the true meaning of team spirit and she has never worked a day unaided since joining JLL.

“I am extremely proud of the work we have done as a team. The team shows solidarity through difficult situations, and we constantly remind ourselves that we are One JLL. These people have become my friends and families, who share my passion for trekking as well. I want my team to connect not only professionally, but also on a personal level. That’s why we organize frequent team trekking trips to strengthen our bonds.”

Thu is constantly finding room for improvement to realize this ambition. 

"I want to do as much as I can. I love to work, and I love these people. My ultimate goal is to stand among the best in my field and have my team with me on that podium. JLL is absolutely the environment that I have been looking for all this time.”

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