Stephen Wyatt

In 2010, the moment my plane touched down in Vietnam was also when the market was tumbling down. There were moments I would ask myself: “Is this the right move, am I in the right place?”Somehow, despite the initial seemingly insurmountable challenges, I ended up loving everything about this place.



Even with more than 20 years of experience, Stephen had to start the learning process all over again. Everything from how to do business, to how Vietnamese think and work were challenging to grasp as the environment was so vastly different from South Africa –his last country.

It was the people at JLL that made me stay. My team in Vietnam was dynamic and contantly looking toinnovate, so willing to learn and hard-working, even in the lowest moment I know I could trust these people. The immense support from the region was also crucial to what we have achieved here.

Two years after Stephen took office, market was looking up, and JLL Vietnam was mentioned on every major news outlets. The company doubled in number of staff and saw its best result ever.

People are what make us different, so we must invest in them, no matter the position. From the most senior staff to fresh interns, I want all of them to feel appreciated and find their time at JLL rewarding. Their growth and success is the biggest testament to JLL’s commitment to invest in our people.

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