Xuan Pham

Xuan often stays late in the office, sometimes very late. But recently, there are days when she would zoom out right as the clock struck 5:30pm. “I’m going to learn something new”-she cheerily answer when someone would curiously ask.

“Working late became a habit, and it impacted my health negatively. My colleagues noticed that and have been encouraging me to go home early. So I joined a language club. ”-she explains.

Xuan graduated in 2014 with a degree in Architecture. Real estate was her career choice after university, after a variety of jobs during school. “I drew calligraphy in the park, painted portraits and all kinds of artistic stuff for money. I met interesting people and learned all kinds of skills that still helped me with my job today.”

“I always felt a bit insecure because I didn’t have a real estate background. But upon coming to JLL, I realized that it does not matter, as long as you have the right spirit. I was eager to learn, and everybody was willing to share.”

“The energy from our workplace is unbelievable, even in the face of challenges. We are different in many ways, but when it comes to work, we are all enthusiastic. You can feel the OneJLL spirit in meetings or lunch hours. And that is what keeps my fire burning.”

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