Trang Le

At the age of 30, Trang Le was promoted to her first ever manager position in her former company. But she was not happy with settling down in this comfort zone. Until she was offered the position of Head of Research and Consulting Services (R&Cs) in the then-expanding JLL Vietnam.





“The ambitions to learn new things, to build a new A-team that shared the same goals and enjoyed their work as much as I did, which I could not accomplish within my current position, pushed me to step out comfort zoneto move forward. And “forward”, means JLL.”

Growing is painful. But nothing is as painful as getting stuck and left behind. And Trang Le learnt that the hard way.

“There was a lot of changes happening during the first few months. I was constantly exhausted and repeatedly questioned myself. People were coming and going, and I had to work extra hours with no holidays to ensure their seemless transition all the while maintaining the performance of the team.”

Hardwork paid off when the team won two notable projects back to back. Her first year at JLL ended with the R&Cs recording a double in revenue and a great boost in reputation within the industry.

“If I had one word to describe my journey with JLL thus far, it would be “fruitful”. I have matured both professionally and personally in the past three years. There will always be challenges ahead, and I am confident tosay that I am ready and equipped to meet them. My ambition to advance is constantly growing everyday and I am happy that my journey with JLL for the past three years is full of opportunities and achievements.”

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