Client story

Integrated facilities management for an American pharmaceutical company

JLL implemented integrated IFM model with functional leadership, sourcing expertise, and best practices. Achieved steady-state operations and continuous improvement.


APAC (China, Japan)


1.75 million sq. ft.

  • High-level Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) requirement in pharmaceutical industry

  • To achieve cost saving glide path target with high service quality

  • Manage multiple departments interfaces and cross-functional working type

Solution & value creation:
  • Establishment of Integrated facilities management (IFM) programme — the Japan sites were previously under a self-delivery model

  • Full team on board across multiple manufacturing plants & offices in day 1 within short transition period

  • Robust training management, employee capability improvement plan and self-inspection to drive continuous improvement

  • Aligned cost saving plan with client, great team work to generate ideas and efficient execution

  • Implemented an integrated IFM model that provided functional leadership, sourcing expertise and best practices

  • Achieved steady-state operations and transfer into continuous improvement phase