Client story

Rationalise data centre portfolio in Philippines​

Local bank


Makati, Metro Manila


Well-experienced project engineers assigned for project management


New technologies utilised to develop the project on time and within budget


Achieve up to 47% reduction in build cost

  • Due to the aggressive expansion’s plans, the client took possession of a new brownfield Data Centre facility in October 2020, designed and built by IBM.

  • The Data Centre is located in Makati, Metro Manila, and the client owns the converted office building facility with an extended banking branch on the ground floor. JLL was engaged both as Client’s project management consultant and by CISCO to be part of the construction management team incorporating new technologies and efficiencies. 
  • The project was designed against a 3kw per rack philosophy, factoring in a projected rack growth rate to provide a facility with adequate rack expansion space for 15 years.​

  • Since the acquired building is a brownfield site, the main challenges encountered were existing structures that needed to be retrofitted, re-waterproofed and ceiling height clearances for each trade to consider. Further, IBM struggled to manage the project due to in experienced engineers and consultants , JLL had assigned well-experienced project engineers to manage the project and ensure its success. ​

  • As the pandemic implied its impacts on this project, inspections were carried out virtually. JLL’s project team managed to ensure regular communication with IBM’s consultants and designers and constantly update the client, especially during the handover process. 
  • Delivered the project on time, under budget.​

  • From the initial bid to the final award the team was able to reduce the cost of build up to 47%.