Client story

A naturally beneficial campus

Creating an unconventional and sustainable space, which will have a long-lasting impact on both the organisation and the environment.




Forest of well-being in an IT campus


set to absorb 30 times more CO2

Royal Dutch Shell has three global IT hubs in Houston, Amsterdam and Bangalore. The health of its people and the planet are the top priority for the firm. That is why they are committed to Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) in its building design. 

We partnered with with Shell’s Technology Centre in Bangalore to provide Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) services to enable the client to meet its sustainability commitments, as well as create a unique experience that reflects its global reputation.

To achieve the client’s ambition, we embarked on an in-campus environment revolution. We teamed up with Afforest, a local organisation, which is passionate about creating natural, wild, native forests. They are known for creating more than 3,000 forests worldwide using Miyawaki technique.

Together, we introduced the concept of a ‘forest’ inside the campus, establishing elements such as walkways, lagoons, bird feeding areas, huddle spots, and wind chime to enhance employees’ experience.

The campus opened in 2018 to an overwhelming positive response from employees, many of whom volunteered to sign up to support the prestigious project.

The “forest” campus brings many benefits to Shell and the environment. It helps reduce noise and dust levels in the area, as well as support biodiversity and ecosystem.

It is also set to become self-sustainable by 2021, contributing up to 30 times more carbon-dioxide absorption.

Dubbed “The Forest of Well Being” By Shell, it marks a first for Shell as a real estate project across their offices globally and is set to score highly in sustainability metrics.